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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Blogger, PC, AutoCAD, Photoshop tools & tricks (last update: Jun 23th 2012)

Herramientas y trucos para Blogger, AutoCAD, Photoshop


As you may have realized, my blog is quite simple. Next I show you the links I visited to construct it. Further description to each link is added only in case I found errors to which I found some solution. Otherwise, only the links are provided:

- Adding pages and tabs.
- Blogger: Metatags (español)
- Chat box. Add a chat box (see an example at one of my favorite blogs on movie reviews http://aullidosdelacalle.blogspot.com/)
- Expandable post summaries. Posts will show as an intro, with a link that says READ MORE.
- Feeds summaries in Feedburner. How to show them.
- Facebook like/recommend button.
- Facebook: Create a welcome page (en español). You may also try to download some Linkpredefined templates for free here (en español).
- Forums: Creating a forum in Blogger (English) (Español).
- Hit counter.
- Icons: Wish a Favicon (favorite icon) next to the address of your blogger address?UPDATE: Alternative: simply go Design and in Favicon select your favorite icon.
- Linkwithin: Show related articles at the end of each post.
- MS word to blogger via Google docs, by Blogger hints and tips.
- Password protection of blogger posts.
- Show thumbnails (small images) along excerpts of recent posts:
Step1: Visit this blog for general instructions.
Step 2: Save the java script provided in the former blog on a host site.
Step 3: If you do not know how to store a file in a host site, visit this blog for instructions.
Step 4: That was the end. However, if you wish, you may use this trick to show thumbnails for the feeds of another site you may own (for example, see what I did in the parent of my blogs http://watertohoku.blogspot.com/).
- Submit blog to search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing.
- Translation. Do you speak a different language? I have added additional languages by changing the two letters that define the language (e.g., "cs" for Czech, "ru" for Russian, "th" for Thai etc), and the picture associated with the correspondent flag (from the WEB).
- Twitter button.
- Twitter: Change your user name without affecting followers, tweets, etc.
- Twitter: Tweet your blog posts (feeds), or you´d better try out feeds on Twitter. How? Go to the feeds site and submit your feed; follow the instructions until you get to the, e.g., Google feedburner site, go to Publicize and select Socialize and you are ready!
- Upload files to blogger. Very useful tricks to upload your files.
- Video: Save a backup file of embedded flv videos. What for? Piracy? Well...no, because there is really valuable media contents that will eventually disappear once the web master will stop supporting the page.
- Writing Equations in blogger.

- others are being updated on the way.....

Miscelaneous with your PC (Win XP, Win 7). Some links that solve issues I found when working with my PC.

- Arcview GIS 3x: Installation in WIN7 & why people still use it? 
- Backup my gmail account.
- Disable autorun and autoplay of CDs and USBs (would avoid undesirable virus infections); en español: este link.
- Disk partition in WIN 7 (en español): Snapshots in English, text in Spanish.
- Drivers for my Toshiba Dynabook. Should look for the folder app&drv and make a backup.
- Dual boot Win 7 and Win XP.
- Firefox: Where is the cache folder? Type "about:cache" on the address bar. And, where is the temp folder? C:\Documents and Settings\"User"\Configuración local\Temp (to recover outputs from demo software).
- Firefox: Google Toolbar for Firefox 5. Just install this https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/15003 and restart twice (go to the link for more info).
- NEW!! Firefox: Today´s recommendations are two add-ons for Firefox.
DownloadHelper: Get the multimedia contents from a web-page! and
DowmloadThemAll: Get all the contents from a web page at once!

- How to type Japanese in your computer. More on this can be found in my blog post here.
- iPhone: Transfer pictures and videos from iPhone to PC

- Issues with Camtasia. See my blog post.
- Laptop: Turn My Laptop Screen Off When Using Another Screen
- Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster SA100, can not install MagicTune on old computers. The problem is that there are no updates for old video cards. You may visit HP´s site, update your driver, and then it may work. You can also try to download old versions of MagicTune. I did both, and I am not actually sure which one did, but it worked.
- Where is the safely remove hardware icon?
- Where is the running programs that used to be in my taskbar?
- NEW!! Win7: When you forget your password (En español) Qué hacer si olvidé mi password? Aquí en youtube o aquí en wordpress.

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