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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Haze correction for Landsat imagery

This correction is optional. It can be used when considered that there is some influence of haze on the imagery. The example has been prepared using pre-loaded routines in ERDAS Imagine 2011.

  •  Go to RASTER → RADIOMETRIC → HazeReduction
  • Load the desired image in “Input File”:l519971016_stack_cut_corr 
  • In “Output file” create a folder with the name, e.g., CORRECCION HZ
  • Save the image as: l519971016_stack_cut_corr_h
  • Go to ” Method” and choose “Point Spread“ 
  • On “Point Spread Type” select “Low” and then OK.
 Acknowledgments: C. Buitrón (ecologist and agricultural engineer), under the assessment of J. Fernández (geographic engineer ). Both are independent consultants in environmental projects.

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