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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Miscelaneous with your PC (Win XP, Win 7, SIG, CAD, and now IOS and Android)

Miscelaneous with your PC (Win XP, Win 7; SIG; AutoCAD; Photoshop; Google Earth).  (Last update: 04/28/2014 - MS Excel) Some links that solve issues I find when working with my PC. 

When the list of tips began to grow, I decided to split this collection apart from my previous entry.

You will also find a short list on tips for AutoCAD, Photoshop an now Excel

PC (Win XP, Win 7)

- Backup my gmail account.
- Disable autorun and autoplay of CDs and USBs (would avoid undesirable virus infections); en español: este link para XP., este link para Win7.
- Disk partition in WIN 7: In English, click here; En español, click aquí.
- Drivers for my Toshiba Dynabook. Should look for the folder app&drv and make a backup.
- Dual boot Win 7 and Win XP.
- Firefox: Where is the cache folder? Type "about:cache" on the address bar. And, where is the temp folder? C:\Documents and Settings\"User"\Configuración local\Temp (to recover outputs from demo software).
- Firefox: Google Toolbar for Firefox 5. Just install this https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/15003 and restart twice (go to the link for more info).
- Firefox: Today´s recommendations are two add-ons for Firefox.
DownloadHelper: Get the multimedia contents from a web-page! and
DowmloadThemAll: Get all the contents from a web page at once!

- How to type Japanese in your computer. More on this can be found in my blog post here.
- iPhone: Transfer pictures and videos from iPhone to PC

- Issues with Camtasia. See my blog post.
- Laptop: Turn My Laptop Screen Off When Using Another Screen
- Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster SA100, can not install MagicTune on old computers. The problem is that there are no updates for old video cards. You may visit HP´s site, update your driver, and then it may work. You can also try to download old versions of MagicTune. I did both, and I am not actually sure which one did, but it worked.
-  VirtualBox (Oracle). How to use it? and how to set it up? A video tutorial on how to set it up WinXP on Win7. And finally, how to share folders on it (en espanol)
- Where is the safely remove hardware icon?
- Where is the running programs that used to be in my taskbar?
- Win7: When you forget your password (artículo en español) ¿Qué hacer si olvidé mi password? Aquí en youtube o aquí en wordpress.
- Add a free Forum to your blogspot with Nabble: link . The steps are> Go to http://www.nabble.com/, Options - Embedding options and copy the javascript code, login to your Blogger Dashboard, select your blog, click the Pages link on the left sidebar and create a new Blank Page, get in the HTML mode, paste inside the empty box the code that we copied earlier, and if everything went well, we should see our brand new forum for our blog!

Google Earth + SIG

- Coordinates: Export a list of coordinates generated in Excel (artículo en espanol: ¿Cómo exportar una lista de coordenadas a Google Earth?).
Hint: Download the kml example from the website above, and open it in Notepad. Do some research inside the code and write your own. More hints? Follow this link to get a sample file.
- Arcview GIS 3x: Installation in WIN7 & why people still use it? 
- Arcview GIS 3x: .dbf extension is lost in Excel 2007! Solved! (copied from the link on the left)
  • Step 1: Here are steps for exporting through Access 2007. I created a simple Excel 2007 worksheet (ID, lat, lon, text). 
  • I opened a new Access 2007 database. 
  • Once it's open, select External Data, Import, Excel (Español: Datos externos - (Importar) Excel).
  • In the import dialog choose the option to import the excel worksheet into a new table. I took the defaults for the other options. I did set the field types.
  • Once the table is created, select External Data, Export, More pull-down. There's a DBF option which supports 3 dBASE versions. (Español: Datos externos - seleccionar la pestaña con los datos (aparecerán una pestaña Tabla y otra con ej. "Hoja" - (Exportar) Más - opción DBF ). 

Autocad, Photoshop tips

- Spline to polyline: What for? e.g., Arcview will only open polylines. The tip is from a forum (forum print out) (lisp routine).

- Remove background from pictures, by Jennifer Farley.
- Myjanee.com, graphic creations and Photoshop resources: My favorite!
- En español: Redimensionar los dpi de una imagen en Photoshop.

- Matriz: Transpose. Write the function and press ctrl + shift + enter when closing the parenthesis. More details (in Spanish) here.
- Matriz: Convert data from a square matriz into a single vector (line or column). Use the functions =DESREF(matriz;RESIDUAL(ROW()-ROW($E$2);ROWS(matriz));TRUNCATE((ROW()-ROW($E$2))/ROWS(matriz));1;1). To understand what I mean, visit this link (in Spanish).
- NEW!! INDIRECT function: Dynamic references and creating a reference with a text *useful with CONCATENATE formula> this link> http://exceltotal.com/referencias-dinamicas-en-excel/ http://exceltotal.com/crear-una-referencia-con-texto/

- Where to download IOS firmware? Here for IPhone and here for IPod. Why would I need these? Because, sometimes when doing it through ITunes, the server may go off line.
- How to install Android apps manually?  *In Spanish: here.
Step 1. Download apk file and copy it to the SD card of your tablet.
Step 2. Disconect the tablet from your PC and open your File Manager.
- IPhone 3G IOS 2.2.1: Error -1 when attempting to update the IOS. Solved! Simply update it stair-wise: first to the 3.x firmware version, later update it again to the 4.2.1, which is the latest version. However, the apps I wanted to install keep asking for newer IOS versions. Apple has dismissed this IPhone model and will not upgrade its IOS anymore. Now I am wondering how useful was to spend my time figuring this solution out!

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